INSTALLATION | Presets not showing up

If you've installed your presets and they are still not loading at all, or completely be sure to check and make sure you have tried all of these steps. 

1. You have the updated version of the app you are working from. Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom APP, Adobe Camera RAW

2. You have watched our latest installation videos and tried each technique shown. 


3. You have a RAW image selected instead of a Jpg. Jpgs do not have a Color Profile, so the presets and profiles that have Color Profiles built in, tend to go missing, or show up grey when a .jpg image is selected. Simply open a RAW images and the presets and profiles should appear. 

4. You restarted the software you are working in. 

5. You rebooted your computer. 

6. If you have done all of these steps and still cannot get them to load properly, please email us at

Be sure to include if you are working on a MAC or PC, what version of LR or PS you are working from, or if mobile Android or iPhone. 

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